Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords Game Overview Edit

Puzzle Quest 2 Game Overview Edit

Puzzle Quest 2 is set in the sleepy town of Verloren, where your character arrives to explore the undergroudn dungeons.

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Game Overview Edit

In the distant future, mankind has spread across the galaxy into hundreds of solar systems with the aid of inter-stellar travel. Four powerful mega-corporations that control all the technology have overtaken all forms of government. Now, in-fighting between the corporations has led to a horrifying experiment gone wrong—the accident has caused another race to attempt extermination of humankind.

Play as a rogue pilot and gain skills, craft items, and maneuver among political factions as you attempt to end the genocide. Use Puzzle Quests’s signature RPG/puzzle gameplay to command a fleet of ships as you scour the galaxy for clues, interact with alien species, and battle to save the human race.

Features Edit

  • Over 150 battles within story mode.
    * The return of the incredibly addictive head-to-head match-3 puzzle gameboard battles that Puzzle Quest fans know and love.
    * More control of the puzzle board as you manipulate the puzzle gems in zero gravity. Control the direction the gems refresh!
    * Re-designed, hexagonal puzzle board that’s easier for new players, but adds extra layer of strategy for pros.
    * Collect a fleet of customizable spaceships which endow your player with new skills and abilities.
    * Negotiate with factions, mine for commodities, hack jumpgates, recruit crew members, acquire companion aliens, craft weapons, and more!
    * Battle across the galaxy in multiplayer battles and compete for rankings in online leaderboards.
    * Short easy pick-up-and-play battles, with incredible depth and RPG-style character building.
    * Three distinct gameplay modes – Single player story mode, Multiplayer vs. battles, and Instant Action quick battles on the go.